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At DLG we believe you deserve specialized, sophisticated legal representation for all of your business needs. DLG has talented attorneys that are experienced in multiple practice areas, including bankruptcy, securities, corporate taxes, business litigation, and real estate. Our attorneys have gone toe-to-toe with national firms, all the while achieving great results for our clients.

Our Success

  • Michael Davis gets surplus Chapter 11 plan approved for Pharmacy chain ownership group.
  • Stuart Borne successfully syndicates of 800 apartment units in fourth quarter.

Who We Are

It’s no secret that we are in a time of law firm expansion. Denver’s legal community is growing and large firms that are headquartered on the coasts are buying a seat at the table in Denver’s robust market. While these firms bring with them polished practices and techniques, they also often come with higher legal fees you would expect to pay in major markets such as New York City or San Francisco. DLG believes that business owners in Denver should get the benefit of sophisticated local representation for a reasonable fee. Our partners have over 30 years’ experience dealing with complex transactions and business bankruptcies.

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